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Response to Chapter 2 second draft UPDATE

Submitted by Tom Last on Sat, 03/06/2010 - 1:27pm.

New Web Version of Chapter 1

Submitted by Tom Last on Sun, 02/28/2010 - 1:15pm.

This is a revised chapter 1 for the Study Course for reading on the web. It is a different project from the hard copy version, but the extra thought will improve both. The only 1918 Steiner revision kept was in the opening sentence, adding 'natural laws'.  It was edited to simpler American English and for the web reader with more paragraph breaks.

I am finding out that the 1918 revisions are turning out to have been long time stumbling blocks to reading comprehension. This must be because you usually need a belief in theosophy for them to make sense, like adding 'spiritual' freedom to the opening sentence. What is that supposed to be? I will do chapter 2 next.


Any suggestions for research project?

Submitted by Tom Last on Mon, 11/23/2009 - 11:26am.

Joel comments: Talking about PoF will never replace trying to live it in Life.  What I'd like to see here is more reports of what people are actually experiencing in Life, and less commentary on translations and meanings of the terms.  Maybe you can improve the map, and if that is the point of this website, then fine.   I'm more interested in helping people meet the dilemmas of actual Life - their biography, than I am in discussing the meaning of words.

We have the start of a very successful translation collaboration, but this will interest only a handful of people. The translation project is a full time job for myself. I have been wondering how the website could get involved in something else. Joel's recommendation of sharing life experience would be of interest to many. Maybe Joel or someone else wants to lead a study group or research project?

A study group or research project could move through the book with an emphasis on applying what is read. Perhaps it could be about trying to verify Steiner's soul observations, which could be listed and discussed. The results could be archived in a way that would help others in their application of the book. Then the website is engaged in understanding theory and life application.

Any suggestions?

What would you title Chapter 3?

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Latest Chapter 1 Translation w/o comments

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Chp. 2 First Draft Nov.10

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chp 1 Tom's comments to John's revised second draft

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comments to Chp. 1 Second Draft UPDATE: finished oct. 26

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