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PRECONCEPTION AND FREE THOUGHT Reflections on Judith von Halle

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Reflections on Judith von Halle
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Pre-conception is one of the most insidious enemies on the path of thought.

Judith von Halle

It deprives thinking from doing its work thoroughly, giving it an a-priori pre-packaged
'truth', ready-made but because of this, untrue.
Yet it would be enough to follow the intrinsic tenet of truth by which in order to judge
it is first indispensable to know!
It seems a self-evident concept, but it is not so obvious if it’s still the case that the so called
Anthroposophists, or 'Scaligeriani', or students of esotericism afford to deliver
tranchant judgments on personalities deserving of consideration and respect.
A few names among many: Brian Weiss and Judith von Halle. Very different personalities,
different as their areas of expertise and their mission on earth.
Yet they have something in common: the virulence of pre-conception and pre-judgment they
brought upon themselves. The first by scientists (as well as by Anthroposophists)
the second by Anthroposophists (and by scientists too).
So I told myself: if so much acrimony and prejudice exists against them, well, maybe it's time
to get acquainted with them. I researched as much as I could what has been said and
written about them; then I read all or most of their works, until an image of these
personalities emerged in my soul. Please note, an image, not an opinion, least of all
a pre-conception.
Our soul, when properly used, has the ‘sense organs’ which often enable us to discern
the truth as well as ordinary thinking.
But even that was not enough. It is necessary to turn to the observation of external
reality to correct our judgments if we make some mistake in the exploration of the physical
world, so I needed to have a further response to my images.
In that regard, forgive me if I say something personal.
Living in America, I am often surprised by how many people – even favourably
inclined natures, tending towards objectiveness – lunge in rebukes on the American world –
according to them, Ahriman tout-court - without really knowing it I would remind
these people that if they aren't familiar with the language, culture and unless they have
lived in a certain country, each judgment can’t be but a prejudice. And if it is not ours,
but ‘suggested’ by others – even by the person we value the most - then it's even worse.
That's why I wanted to get to know my two subjects in person, to listen to them live, to see
the light in their eyes, feel the harmony of their word, ask them questions.
During these two meetings, both of which occurred in October of last year, the first one
in Los Angeles and the second in Berlin, I confirmed not only the substance of the inner
images born in me, but also how indispensable it is to know in person those we
afford to judge.
This paper is a result of those two meetings.
* * *